020 8886 9522 (Southgate) or 020 8907 8395 (Kenton) info@starsnursery.co.uk

Stars Prices Plan

Full Day: 7.30am – 6pm
School Day: 7.30am – 2.30 or 8.30 – 3.30
Morning: 7.30am – 12.30am

Term Time only options are available for £7 extra per session

School Drop Offs & Pick Up

Foundation Stage 1
12 – 3:20pm: £23
12 – 6:00pm – FS1 collection: £41

Breakfast Club
7.30am – 8.20am:  £6.50
After School – Foundation Stage 2, Key Stage 1 & 2 only: £15

Ad Hoc Extras
Additional charge per session for all sessions: £5
Additional charge per session for all short 3hr session: £3
Additional charge to extend sessions: £2

Two days per week
Baby Room Toddler Room Preschool Room
Full Day £69 £67 £62
School Day £62 £59 £55
Morning Not Available Not Available £42
Three days per week
Baby Room Toddler Room Preschool Room
Full Day £66 £64 £60
School Day £60 £57 £53
Morning Not Available Not Available £39
Four days per week
Baby Room Toddler Room Preschool Room
Full Day £63 £61 £58
School Day £58 £55 £51
Morning Not Available Not Available £37

Terms and Conditions

  1. All contracts are offered for a minimum term of one full/ complete term.
  2. Stars Nursery runs to support the parents of children that attend Wolfson Hillel school.  Please note that the service that we provide compliment the school but we are not linked with the school in any way and operate as a separate private business.
  3. Priority to existing customers and those with younger siblings under the age of 4.
  4. Before and after school packages are limited to availability at the management’s discretion.
  5. For children under 4 we offer the service for a minimum of 9 hours’ childcare over a minimum of 2 days per week.
  6. The service provided by Stars Nursery is comprehensive, including everything except sun cream, medication, nappies, and baby milk.
  7. Fees are payable monthly in advance by Direct Debit on the 1st of each calendar month. Fines will be charged for late payments.
  8. We require two months’ written notice for all changes in childcare requirements. This includes terminating childcare, changing days and reducing hours required.
  9. The nursery is unable to swap days.  Extra days should be requested and additional charges should be paid in advance.
  10. All addition days required will be charged at the session rate and do not qualify for any discounts. All types of childcare vouchers accepted as payment against fees, including those issued by Busy Bees, Accor, Care-4, Sodexho, Kids Unlimited, etc
  11. If a second sibling of 3 years and under enters the nursery, a discount of 10% will be applied to the lowest of the two fees.
  12. When a place has been confirmed, a deposit will be required to secure the place which will be refunded when the child has attended the nursery for 4 months.
  13. Fees are subject to review annually in September.
  14. Term time does not include extra dates that the school chooses to close or when clubs are not running.  When possible the nursery will try to accommodate extra childcare needs, but priority will be given to children who attend the nursery for more the majority of their day.  Extra charges will applicable for extra childcare provided.  This includes inset days, strike days, snow days and early closures for school events.  If parents are using the nursery on a term time only basis they may not change to All Year care after the winter term has finished.
  15. The nursery is open 49 weeks of the year, closing for all recognised UK Bank Holidays, between Christmas and new year & Jewish Holidays this includes the whole of pesach (theses are payable).  The nursery will open on all Jewish holidays that it is permitted to by the Rabbi.




Contact Stars Nursery

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Wolfson Hillel School
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London, N14 4LG

020 8886 9522 - Southgate

Stars Nursery Kenton

Currently closed and looking to relocate

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